Friday, May 27, 2011

so much time and so much to do

i feel like i'm living the life right now.

i have all day everyday to do what i want to do.
art, exercise, cook, read, explore, visit, nap!!!!!
i've been really interested in design and fine art these days, 
which i hadn't really gotten the chance to explore too much while in school.
here are some of my favourite things i've come across recently:

this is a flyer i got handed outside the AGO for the Short Film Festival
it's from May 31st-June 5th
perfect for those of us with short attention spans

spreads from the early summer Food & Drink magazine
i actually look forward to each new edition because of the beautiful design
(not to mention the actual food and drinks)

these were spreads from the SuperStore flyer i got in the oakville beaver
it was a refreshing break from the usual bombardment of advertising in the paper
and i thought it was perfect for the beginning of summer

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